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Throughout my years as a fitness professional and going back further to my days as a swim coach, I’ve learned a lot about what inspires people and why some see success and others might not.  Everyone wants to be great, be happy and healthy, and achieve their dreams and goals.  So why isn’t everyone, or you in particular, living their best life and have what they want?  I’ve come to realize that it is because we don’t have others in our life who not only hold us accountable in the work required, but who also support, inspire and celebrate us.

I coach fitness and nutrition because I get an extreme amount of personal fulfillment knowing that I can have a positive impact on people’s lives.  On the surface this might be helping them lose some weight, fit into different clothes, get stronger/faster/better.  But helping people be more confident, capable, and happier in their lives truly makes me feel like I am serving a greater purpose.  And as hard as I work to deliver that support, motivation, and connection on the bike or in the gym, those group settings limit a deeper relationship.

So this is why I am introducing Build It Virtual Coach.  An even deeper, more focused and impactful coach to athlete relationship.  These days the options for virtual workouts and nutrition advice are endless.  And you’ve probably tried a number of different things, enjoyed them, even seen some results, but still feel like something is missing.  I want to bridge that gap as a coach and be one that is actually invested in your daily work towards the goals we have set together.  I don’t want to just be the “trainer” who is on the other side of a ZOOM workout and occasionally calls out your name to let you know that I see you.  I want to be the partner who holds you accountable, inspires you, and celebrates your achievements. I want to be there for you when the hard days hit, when you don’t want to put in the work, and feel like no one’s watching.  I want to be the coach that lights your fire and makes the work exciting and fun.  And I want to be the person that celebrates you when you find what you are looking for.

Are you ready to get to work TOGETHER?